Awareness Rehabilitation centrer and Nasha Mukti Kendra

What kind of treatment would be available ?

During your programme you would:

A. Undergo a medically assisted detox to cleanse your system of drugs or alcohol

B. Learn and go through the 12 steps programme to overcome addiction

C. Have individual therapy sessions based on principles of Counselling & NLP, CBT, DBT ETC.

D. Attend group therapy with other residents to share and learn from one another

E. Participate in yoga, Meditation and Alternative Therapies for your well-being.

F. Reconnect with your family and loved ones through family therapy sessions.

During your stay, you will interact with medical professionals, psychologists, counsellors, caretakers, and other residents both individually and in group settings to facilitate strong recovery.

The duration of your stay depends on several factors such as severity, intensity and co-occurring conditions. It could be between 28 days to 6 months ,+1 Month

Thank you for Reading.

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