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Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Build your network of sober friends for fun and support. They can relate. You can spend time with them without worrying about drinking.


Some friends may still offer you alcohol. One way to say “No” is to say that you no longer drink alcohol. Instead of drinking, you are focused on positive goals. If your friends don’t support or understand your recovery then it’s best to avoid them for now.

Try to spend more time with other people in recovery. You can relax and have fun with them without the temptation to drink. Are there a few friends that you need to avoid right now? Try to make better friendships at a Awareness Rehabilitation today.

'Thought for the Day'

“I will live one day at a time. I will make each day one of preparation for better things ahead. I will not dwell on the past or the future, only on the present.”

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