De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Center in New Delhi

Doctors and staff availability 24*7 care

Experienced and qualified staff

Activities and programs

Physiotherapists and psychiatrists

Higher recovery rate in addiction treatment

Post-treatment health support

Confidentiality and privacy

Counseling or one to one Counseling and meditation sessions everyday

Customized plans for different addicts

A de-addiction and rehabilitation centre in Noida ,Ghaziabad , delhi , india for N.A. and A.A. that has been successfully assisting addicts who seek to reform and improve their lifestyle since 2008. We work in a joint efforts to give our patients the most ideal treatment and support.

We provides consultancy to addicts and their families, and help them get into the best de-addiction program as per their requirements and provide assistance in getting rid of all kinds of addictions.

De-Addiction has qualified and reputed psychiatrists and physiotherapists, along with qualified staff, who have a specific end goal, i.e. eradication of harmful addictions.

There are a range of various services available, such as Counseling, Detoxification, Nutritional support, Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, Therapeutic services, etc.

Followings are the various services and treatments that we

De-Addiction Treatment

It provides the right motivation and direction to curb this habit.

Detoxification Treatment

It is the most important for recovering.

Alcohol De-addiction Treatment

It is necessary for the addict to get the right treatment.

Cocaine De-Addiction Treatment

We provide to addicts who require it exclusively.

Yoga for Addiction and Depression

It is necessary to have a healthy mind and keep depression under control

Tobacco De-Addiction Treatment

It is a slow process that requires exclusive participation

Treatment for mental health

We have a separate facilities and environment for such addicts

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

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