Every flower must grow through dirt. Awareness Rehabilitation Centre

Updated: Jan 12

Every flower must grow through dirt.

Awareness Rehabilitation Centre

Say Yes to Your Spirit is about divinity, love, and beauty, but it also includes suffering. Nobody is going to get out of life alive, and nobody leaves this life without experiencing pain and suffering.

My suffering, although not exhaustively, has been from alcoholism; for others it can be divorce, poverty, racism, sexual abuse, sickness-the list is endless.

We all suffer in life.

But suffering is not the whole story.

If we are to move away from victimization, we need to accept this and be prepared to move on.

Day follows night; after the rain comes sunshine; better days inevitably follow.

Just as the dirt is essential to the flower, so is suffering essential in the molding of the spiritual life.

I thank God for the dirt I can dust away.

Enjoy Every Day

You may not be thrilled with every task, class, or job you have, but if you try to find some bit of joy in everything you do, you’ll be happier.


We can make our own fun and joy just like we can create our own misery through self-pity or negative thinking. Today, try hard to look for the good in your life. We aren’t always aware of all the good that surrounds us unless we look for it. Finding joy helps us stay positive. When we make sobriety fun, we are way less likely to think about using alcohol to have a good time. Challenge yourself to find joy in everything you do today.

Thought for the Day

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”


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