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Updated: Sep 6, 2020

*Understand the Disease*

When we were drinking, we blamed ourselves and others for our problems. In recovery we understand that the disease of alcoholism caused our struggles.


For many of us, it was easier to blame others for the problems caused by our alcoholism. If we were fired, it was our employer’s fault. If we had problems in school, it was the teacher’s fault. Have you completely accepted alcoholism as a disease that caused harm in your life? Have you let go of blaming yourself and others?

Stay focused on how far you’ve come to repair this damage by practicing abstinence and the Twelve Steps. Understanding the disease of alcoholism will help you stay sober.

*Thought for the Day*

“My whole life depends on not taking that drink. Besides, I have promised my Higher Power that I wouldn’t do it, and I won’t break my promise to God.”


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