Awareness | Addction | "BAN BLAME"

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

It’s easy to pass blame instead of taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions. When we stop blaming we face each moment without resentment.


We often blame people when they don’t meet our expectations. We may turn our anger and frustration toward others rather than accepting our part in things. Are you still holding on to pain and blaming someone else for something bad that happened to you? Regardless of who was right or wrong, can you accept that what happened was in the past and how you feel now is your own choice? Are you going to stay mad just to try to punish the other person? Or can you start to swipe out “your side of the street” and let others do the same?

"Thought for the Day"

Holding resentments to punish others is like punching yourself in the stomach and thinking that it will hurt the other person, when in fact it only hurts you.

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